Understanding Soil Application in Gardening

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Man is a social animal who cannot live alone. He is always in need of different necessities for his livelihood. This need gives birth to different hobbies. A hobby is actually a regular activity done purely for enjoyment, especially in leisure time. The most important of these is gardening. Gardening refers to the practice of growing plants.

this image shows soil for gardening

There are many kinds of plants that are grown in the garden. These include Ornamental plants that are grown for beautiful flowers, foliage, as well as overall appearance. Some grow useful plants such as root vegetables, leafy vegetables, fruits, and herbs for food, dyes, and use in medicines and cosmetics. It is actually a past-time that the whole family can enjoy together. There is no age restriction involved in this activity. You can start gardening at any age when you want. But, as time goes you can enjoy growing many complex scenarios, plants, and flowers.

Interesting Hobby

Backyard gardening is an extremely rewarding and very interesting hobby for those who are willing to dedicate the proper time and energy to grow their garden. Gardening varies in scale from small berry orchards to long boulevard plantings. Some people are specialized in Gardening and they grow special plants. However, many prefer to grow food crops because they want to eat fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. Vegetable growing is mostly common in almost all the localities of the world.

Preparing Soil

First and the most important thing is preparing the soil for the garden and decide how much area to cover. Usually, a backyard garden should consist of 4 to 6 square feet area. The bed of soil should be high as compared to another area so that it can easily be managed and allows you to control soil and nutrients blend. Also, the soil should not be contaminated.

The next very important thing is to decide which plants to grow. It is the most important decision which can either arise your interest in the gardening or can make you bore. Growing fruits and vegetables can arise your and your children’s interest in the natural cycle of fruits and vegetables. By this, you may also be able to eat fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. Moreover growing food items is not rocket science. It is a bit simple and easy and also takes less time. Some vegetable plants are very forgiving such as tomatoes, and pepper.

this is an image of soil for gardening

The orientation of the Sun and Shade is another important factor in growing the garden. Select the area where there are up to 6 hours of sunlight daily. Also, observe the path of shadows from the trees. In many localities, Sunlight Calculators are also available which helps you to calculate the average sunlight available to the garden.

Proximity to trees and other walls is also an important factor. For root plants, keep in mind to allow the roots to grow and there should be adequate distance between trees and the root plants. Moreover, if you grow near the trees you will have to put barriers to stop the incursions of roots.

Another important thing is exposure to wind. In some areas, strong winds blow throughout the year. In such areas, this garden should be protected against these winds. But this does not mean that the wind should be completely stopped. Instead, adequate wind should reach the garden.

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