Gardening and Soil Application Tips for Around your Pool Deck

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Yard represents a place on the open space, which is attached to the house or building. It is mostly surrounded by walls and fences but not always. The purpose of the yard could be varied, for example, socializing, walking, keeping animals etc. Also, you can start gardening in your yard.

Garden and Gardening Habits

A beautiful garden has always been tied to the aristocracy and the lifestyle of the rich. In the past, you should have to have enough money to afford your own large garden and hired superior gardeners to regulate and maintained garden. Today, anyone who has yard and goodwill can edit their own garden. Our yard consists of a pool, with a pool deck intertwined with a variety of plants. Also, the seedlings of interesting plants are available and cheap. A large selection of fertilizers and plant preparations can turn plants into beautiful examples of nature. Garden can be arranged according to purpose. Mostly, rural gardens have different varieties of fruit and vegetable garden. You must possess talent to perfectly arranged garden. In the garden, depending on the skills of gardening, can be grown more or less exotic plants, which will determine the landscape composition. Landscape composition may be created for personal enjoyment or for socio shows. The garden represents the relationship of beauty, lifestyle and a place to relax.

Popular Garden Styles

Each type of garden has its own purpose and can have one or more roles. It mutually combines several types of gardens. Also, in every type of garden can be combined different kinds of styles.
  • Family Garden From late spring to early autumn, this is a place where every family member can spend their free time. Basically in this kind of garden vegetable garden occupies an important place. In the vegetable garden can be grown different vegetables but often planted cucumber, tomato, radish, carrots, peas, squash.
  • Water garden This garden mainly represents only part of the garden. In water we can plant some water plants and water lilies.
  • Organic Garden Eco gardens are becoming more widespread. The main feature of these gardens is that for growing and maintaining plants do not use pesticides and any other chemical products.
  • Collector’s Garden It is a garden in which are grown very diverse species of plants .For these gardens should pay attention to the requirements of plants. Some plants grow on open, and for some must to build a greenhouse, where it is maintained the necessary conditions for the cultivation of specific plant species.
this picture shows a lady doing gardening
  • English Garden Style It is a special style of garden design. In Europe became popular in the 20th century. A basics feature of the garden is to have fences and walls, which is part of the garden. Each part of the garden has its own role.
  • Formal Garden It is the oldest style of designing gardens. For this style is characteristic geometric shapes and symmetry. This garden is divided into several parts, which are connected by straight paths. In this style of garden you can found a wide variety of plants.
  • Romantic Garden This is the perfect garden for dreamers and lovers and represents the corner where will you hide from the eyes of the people. The smell and color in a romantic garden are very important.
The most important thing is to first decide what type of garden you need. Then start to make a plan for gardens. Don’t initially take a “big bite”. For beginner venture select a small garden. It is important not to overdo it, because you must always find time to maintain the garden.

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