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 RAMIRAN-Research Network on Recycling of Agricultural and Industrial Residues in Agriculture

RAMIRAN is part of the ESCORENA network - the European System of Cooperative Research Networks in Agriculture. ESCORENA was established by the FAO Regional Office for Europe (REU) in 1974. It is a form of voluntary research cooperation among interested national institutions involved in research in food or agriculture in European countries. Over the years, ESCORENA has expanded its field of activities to include topics and themes of interest to other countries, particularly those from the Near East and Mediterranean area.

25 - 29 JULY 2016
5th International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering, Buenos Aires, Argentina
This 5th International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering will be organized by 3iA INSTITUTO DE INVESTIGACIÓN E INGENIERÍA AMBIENTAL, San Martín, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Important Dates:
Abstract submission April 4, 2016
Notification of abstract acceptance April 18 2016
Submission of full-length articles ,May 30, 2016
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8 - 10 SEPTEMBER 2015
RAMIRAN 2015, 16th International Conference "Rural-Urban Symbiosis", Hamburg, Germany
This 16th RAMIRAN conference will be organized by Hamburg University of Technology, Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection and partners.

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7 - 11 June 2015
Ramiran 04 biores ISAH 2015, XVII International Comgress on Animal Hygiene in Košice
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5 - 7 May 2015
Ramiran 04 biores IV International Symposium on Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste Management - Rio de Janeiro, SP, Brazil
Important Dates:
Dec 19, 2014 Early Bird Registration
Mar 13, 2015 Regular Registration
Apr 10, 2015 Late Registration
Oct 17, 2014 Papers Submission Deadline
Dec 05, 2014 Notification of Papers Acceptance
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June 26 - 28, 2014
Ramiran 04 biores 9th International Scientific Conference ORBIT 2014, "New challenges, new responses in the 21st Century" in Godollo, Hungary, 26-28, June, 2014.
Important date
• 30th November, 2013 Submission of specific session proposals
• 15th December,2013 Final decision about the sessions by the Scientific Committee
• 16th December, 2013 Beginning of abstract submission period
• 15th February, 2014 Abstract submission deadline
• 28th February, 2014 Final decision about abstracts
• 15th March, 2014 Final selection of abstract into session, final programme
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September 9-12, 2014
Ramiran 04 biores The Fourth International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering
4ISEBE, CINVESTAV - IPN Zacatenco, Mexico City, Mexico,
Important date
• May 15 , 2014 - Sending abstracts
• June 30, 2014 - Notification of acceptance/placement
• July 15, 2014 - Submission deadline of articles for the proceedings publication
• July 30, 2014 - Submission papers for award competition
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30 June - 3 July 2014
Ramiran 04 biores 18th NITROGEN WORKSHOP The Nitrogen challenge: building a blueprint for nitrogen use efficiency and food security Lisbon, 30 June-3 July 2014
Important date
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3 - 5 June 2013
Ramiran 04 biores RAMIRAN 2013, 15th International Conference, Versailes, France
This 15th RAMIRAN conference will be organized by the research unit of INRA "EGC" (Environment & Arable Crops) and partners.
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December 5 - 6, 2013
Ramiran 04 biores ManuREsource: International conference on manure management and valorization December 5-6 2013, Bruges, Belgium

Important date

• deadline for abstract submission is June 30 2013

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March 19 - 20, 2013
Ramiran 04 biores Reconciling the environment with livestock management
Reconciling the environment with livestock management
European workshop - Rennes, France - 19, 20 March 2013 For more information, contact::
| Announcement: | Minutes | Presentations |

12 - 14 March 2013
Ramiran 04 biores III International Symposium on Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste Management - Sigera Sao Pedro, SP, Brazil
Important Dates:
2012-10-19 New deadline for papers submission
• 2012-11-16 Accepted papers list
• 2012-12-07 Deadline for registration with discount (limited vacancies)
• 2013-02-15 Deadline for registration (limited vacancies)


March 7, 2012
Ramiran 04 biores ReUseWaste PhD Fellowship: Development of composting technology for bio-fertiliser production
Department of Soil and Water Conservation and Organic Waste Management, Centro de Edafologfa y Biologfa Aplicada del Segura at Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientfficas is offering a 3 year PhD scholarship commencing JUNE 1st 2012 or as soon as possible thereafter. The application deadline is April 16th 2012.
| More information |


June 5 - 8, 2012
Ramiran 04 biores 1st International Workshop IAMAW " Valorization of Mediterranean Biowastes and Effluents" 5 to 8 June 2012. Santarém, Portugal
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October 5 -7, 2011
Ramiran 04 biores Reconciling environmental and sanitary risks in the management of livestock wastes, European workshop – Rennes, France – 5 - 7 October 2011, Funded invitation for selected experts.
Organizer: Cemagref, unité GERE, Rennes, France
Scientific committee: Colin Burton, Anne-Marie Pourcher, Laurence Loyon and Björn Vinnerås
| Newsletter | Minutes |

June 14, 2011
Ramiran 04 biores Glossary of terms on livestock manure management 2011 Second edition
Compiled and edited by: Brian Pain and Harald Menzi

June 10-13, 2012
Ramiran 04 biores International Symposium on Emissions of Gas and Dust from Livestock 10-13 June 2012 Palais du Grand Large, Saint-Malo, FRANCE
Important date
• 1st of September 2011: Call for papers begins
• 30th of January 2012: Abstract submission deadline
• 28th of February 2012: Decision on abstracts
• 30th of April 2012: Final paper
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June 12 - 15, 2012
Ramiran 04 biores ORBIT 2012 "GLOBAL ASSESSMENT FOR ORGANIC RESOURCES AND WASTE MANAGEMENT, Conference which will be held in Rennes, France from the 12th to the 15th June 2012
Important date
• September 30. 2011: Deadline for abstract submission
• January 15, 2012: Notification of abstract acceptance
• March 15, 2012 Submission of full papers/Early Registration Deadline (mandatory for accepted papers)
• May 15, 2011 3rd Announcement Full Paper deadline Hotel Reservation deadline
• June 12 to 15 2012 ORBIT 2012 Conference
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13 -15th September 2010
Ramiran 04 biores 14th Ramiran Conference to be held in Lisboa, Portugal, from the 13th to the 15th September 2010.
The conference will be organized by the Superior Institute of Agronomy, of the Technical University of Lisboa.
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July 3-7, 2011
Ramiran 04 biores XVth International Congress on Animal Hygiene 2011 to be held in Vienna, Austria, from the 3th to the 7th July 2011.
Important date
• May 15, 2011 3rd Announcement Full Paper Submission deadline Hotel Reservation deadline
• July 3-7, 2011 XVth ISAH Congress
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Ramiran 04 biores RAMIRAN is supporting FAO 1billionhungry campaign.
With your contribution you can also help to put pressure on politicians to end hunger.
Please, sign the petition whenever and wherever you are!

More info on the interactive hunger map:

22 - 23th October 2009
Ramiran 04 biores EUROPEAN FORUM Livestock housing for the future, OCTOBER 22/23 2009 - LILLE (FRANCE)
Programme and Booking form (English) | Programme and Booking form (French) | Proceedings (English) (French) |

Jun 22, 2009
Ramiran 04 biores 90 fellowships for a collaboration to research activities The University of Milan has launched a competition by qualifications and interview to award 90 fellowships for a two-year collaboration to research activities in different scientific areas. One of the research topic is on “Strategies and practical solutions to reduce pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources”. Applicants must be doctorate graduates or graduated in medicine and surgery, holding a diploma in the specialty area of medicine (for the medical area only), with appropriate scientific production.| See Requirements and application procedures |


March 14 - 17, 2010
Ramiran 04 biores The 25th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.
Founder: Iraj Zandi, University of Pennsylvania, USA Chair: Ronald L. Mersky, Widener University, USA
Call For Papers | Click here to submit your abstract |

Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.

April 16, 2009
Ramiran 04 biores Sustainable animal production The challenges and potential developments for professional farming.
Edited by: A. Aland and F. Madec 2009, 496 pages, hardback
This book addresses the major issues related to animal health and welfare maintenance in relation to their environment, as well as housing emissions and waste management. Experiments, reviews and expert opinions and scenarios for the future are presented. Each of the chapters has been written by scientists with international reputations.
Download table of contents of the book 'Sustainable animal production'.

Sustainable animal production

March 13, 2009
Ramiran 04 biores We are currently reviewing the impacts of livestock agriculture across the Europe as part of an EU project GGELS. Good information is crucial and we would be very grateful of your knowledge with respect to the sectors and regions of Europe that you know about. We would thus be grateful if you can find 20 minutes or so to complete this questionnaire for us. Thank you in advance for your kind help. (If you have been already contacted by Cemagref team, this links are the same.) You may choose the questionnaire corresponding to your country:| AU | BE | BG | CZ | DK | EE | FI | FR | DE | EL | HU | IE | IT | LV | LT | LU | MT | NL | NO | PL | PT | RO | SK | SI | ES | SE | UK |


January 27, 2009
Ramiran 04 bioresFOLIA VETERINARIA, Volume 52, Issue 2, 2008, Issue 3 - 4 , 2008, Volume 53, Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, 2009
Special issue: The 7th International Scientific Conference ECOLOGY AND VETERINARY MEDICINE VII, Volume 52, Issue 2, Page 59-112, 2008 "Hygiene and ecological problems in relation to veterinary medicine"


13-16th September 2009
Ramiran 04 biores Agricultural Technologies in a Changing Climate. The 2009 CIGR International Symposium of the Australian Society for Engineering in Agriculture The Chifley at Lennons - Brisbane - Queensland - Australia.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 February 2009, Notification of abstract acceptance: 1 March 2009, Student Deadline paper submission: 1 May 2009, Feedback review scientific committee: 15 June 2009, Deadline final paper submission: 15 July 2009
| Downloads & Contact Information | Registration |


11 - 14 June 2008
Ramiran 04 biores 13th RAMIRAN International Conference, Potential for simple technology solutions in organic manure management, Albena, Bulgaria
• Deadline for submission manuscripts End February
• Review of manuscripts March 31
• Submission of final manuscripts April 20
| First announcement | Programme | Registration | Study Tour | Accepted papers | Accommodation | Contact | Proceedings | Photos from the Conference |


August 31, 2008
Ramiran 04 biores Ramiran Task Group:
Environmental friendly animal/organic waste management in the EU - Survey of EU animal/organic waste management and related knowledge base in environmental technologies


March 11-13, 2009
Ramiran 04 biores "Sigera" Ith International Symposium on Animal Waste Management, Florianópolis - SC - Brazil
Deadline for submission of manuscripts: September 30, Notification of acceptance: November 01


From June 28th to July 1st, 2009
Ramiran 04 biores The 16th Nitrogen Workshop, Turin, Italy

Soil biology and N cycle, Physiology of N in plants and soil micro-organisms, Gaseous losses, Short and long term modelling of N and C, N management at cropping system scale, N management at farm and regional scale, Assessment of N efficiency and diagnostic tools, N management and crop quality, Sustainable N use in horticulture, viticulture, and tree crops, Manure processing for sustainable N management, Integrated management of N and other nutrients, Education, dissemination, demonstration


22 - 25 June 2008
Ramiran 04 biores 20th International Pig Veterinary Society Congress, Durban, Southern Africa. word


July 2-6 2008
| Announcement | Sessions | Symposiums | Instructions to Authors | 2nd Circular pdf || Conference Venue | Contact |


21 - 25 September 2008
Ramiran 04 biores The Third International Meeting on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
• Wastewater & solid waste management, treatment and reuse
• Strategies for the protection and remediation of natural environments
• Microbial ecology and molecular biology applications for a better environmental control
• Environmental education and legislative aspect & New perspectives
| Call for abstracts | Documentst | Scientific Committee | Registration | Topics | Registration Fees | Fellowship | Deadlines | Organizing Committees | Accommodation | Definitive porgramme ( updated 5.9.2008) |

Palma de Mallorca

10-12 April 2008
Ramiran 04 biores European Regional Workshop “Internet-based communication support for ESCORENA Thematic Knowledge Networks in Agriculture”.
| Agenda (day 1) | Agenda (days 2 & 3) | Registered participants | Contact | Results / PPT | Photogallery |


April 2-4, 2008
Ramiran 04 biores OECD CRP International Workshop
Livestock Waste Treatment Systems of the Future: a challenge to environmental quality, food safety, and sustainability Florence, South Carolina. Participants at the workshop have been selected by OECD-CRP
| Programme |


April 22-23, 2008
Ramiran 04 biores 7th International Scientific Conference ECOLOGY AND VETERINARY MEDICINE VII.
Hygiene and Ecological Problems in Relation to Veterinary Medicine,
University of Veterinary Medicine in Košice (Slovak Republic)
| First announcement | First announcement (in Slovak) .pdf | Photos from the Conference + WELANIMAL | PROCEEDING .pdf

Eco 08

21- 23 May 2008
Ramiran 04 biores XIII Workshop of Environmental Chair. HavanaVerde / 2008
• Workshop on Environmental Education, Treatment and Management of Solid Waste and Wastewater
| First announcement Word|


August 31, 2007
Ramiran 04 biores Bioresource Technology, Bioresource Technology 98 (2007) Volume 98, Issue 17 pp. 3181-3414 (December 2007)

Special issue: The 11th International Conference on Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture - Edited by M Pilar Bernal, Raul Moral and Sabine Houot Recycling of nutrients from organic wastes and treatment options.
RAMIRAN’04 (Full Text Available)


August 31, 2007
Ramiran 04 biores Livestock Science, Volume 102, Issue 3, July 2006

Special issue: The 11th International Conference on Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture -Volume 102, Issue 3, Page 185-258 (July 2006) Biosecurity of Livestock Effluents,
Edited by J. Martinez and F. Madec

Livestock Science, Vol 102

August 31, 2007
Ramiran 04 biores Biosystems Engineering, Volume 97, Issue 4, Pages 429-532 (August 2007), Gaseous emissions from Agricultural Systems
Edited by Tom Misselbrook, José Martinez and Jan Huijsmans
Special issue: The 11th International Conference on Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture

Biosystem Engineering

February 27 - 29, 2008
International Congress on Compost and Digestate CODIS 2008 in Solothurn, Switzerland. The conference focuses on compost and digestate: sustainability, benefits, impacts for the environment and for plant production. Abstracts should be submitted by July 31, 2007.
Welcome to CODIS 2008 | Programme | Organisation | Registration | Proceedings (Full Text Available) |

April 16 - 18, 2008
International Livestock Technology Exhibition, Fira Barcelona, Spain


March 23, 2007
TETRAWAMA Specialised Teaching and Training Modules for Education in the Waste Management Sector. Editors: I. Körner, R. Stegmann, C. Visvanathan, J. Tränker, R. Cossu, M.N. Hassan


October 2-3, 2007
International Symposium on environmental technologies applied to sewage sludge. Eco-process and Eco-use. Cemagref – Pôle Epandage Environnement 03150 Montoldre, FRANCE.
Registration : before September 10th, 2007.

Detailed programme | Registration | Travel - Accommodation | (updated 13.08.2007)


February 17 2007

The RAMIRAN network continues to provide an invaluable means of exchanging ideas, information and experiences on topics that are becoming increasingly important on a national and international basis. These exchanges are achieved mainly through the conferences, that take place every two years, and through the activities of the Working Groups. pdf

14 - 15 June 2007
First International Scientific Symposium On Trace Elements in Animal Production Systems, Geneva Trace elements will be considered on their two sides : as essential nutrients for animal nutrition and health, and as potential pollutants for the environment. Highly specialised researchers and experienced scientists will review current knowledge in each area of expertise. An international coverage will be given to the programme. Time will be allowed for Questions & Answers.
Programme | Registration | Accommodation | (updated 17.02.2007)


14 - 15 June 2007
The third edition of the European Biogas Workshop ; The Future of Biogas in Europe - III 14-16 June 2007 University of Southern Denmark Esbjerg / Denmark The aim of the workshop is provide an up-date of the European biogas situation, to exchange knowledge, know how and expertise, to show successful examples of barriers break down and to look upon further strategies for the development of biogas systems in Europe.
More Information | Proceeding ON LINE full text | (updated 14.08.2007)


5th and 6th March 2007
15. Seminar for Agricultural Work Science. on the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna.
Thematic focus • occupational management • process technique • agricultural work science methods • work structure • workplace arrangement • ergonomics • work safety and health protection • information and communication systems • consulting tools • open topics.

Programme | pdf (updated 17.1.2007)

22 – 24 May 2007
2nd International Symposium MBT 2007, Hanover, Germany Mechanical-biological treatment and automatic waste sorting technology Multilingual conference with simultaneous translation English – French – Italian – German
Programme | How to reach Hanover | Accommodation | (updated 17.01.2007)


11 - 13 September 2006
12th RAMIRAN International Conference will be organized in Denmark in 2006 by the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (DIAS)
The major theme of the Conference is:
Final Program | Photos from the Conference | Photos from the Conference II | DIAS report Vol I | DIAS report Vol II | ORAL presentations in pdf-files (updated 12.12.2006)

21 – 23 March, 2006
Faculty of Environmental Studies Universities Putra Malaysia will organize INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AGRICULTURAL WASTES "Turning Wastes to Wealth"
Information | Secretariat (updated 16.12.2005)

16-17 June 2005
University of Veterinary Medicine Kosice, will organize 6th International Scientific Conference Ecology and Veterinary Medicine, Kosice, Slovak Republic
TOPICS • Hygiene and Ecological problems in Relation to Veterinary Medicine
FOLIA VETERINARIA supplementum (updated 02.02.2006)

May 17, 2005
Proceedings of the 11th Conference of the RAMIRAN Network, Murcia, Spain, from 6 to 9 October 2004

This book, structured in two volumes. The theme of the congress was "Sustainable Organic Waste Management for Environmental Protection and Food Safety".
Thematic sessions: i:) Nutrient and carbon cycling in sustainable plant-soils systems; ii) Gaseous emissions and odours; iii) Waste contaminants: lifecycle and entry into the food chain; iv) Organic waste treatments: safety implications; and v) Waste management strategies.
More Information | Proceedings ON LINE full text(updated 20.09.2006)

May 14, 2005 (updated December 2, 2005)
The AROMIS heavy metal database, established in the framework of the EU Concerted Concerted Action "Assessment and Reduction of Heavy Metal Input into Ago-Ecosystems", AROMIS was set up by KTBL and 23 other institutions from across Europe. Apart from data on heavy metal contents the database also provides selected heavy metal farm balances, using model farms and trying to reflect the most important production types in Europe. Furthermore an overview on national and EU legislation concerning heavy metals is given including e.g. threshold values or maximum application limits for organic residues such as sewage sludge or compost.
More Information | Contact Henning Eckel |

4-6 July 2005
European Federation on Clean Air and Environmental Protection Associations, will organize a Fourth International Symposium on Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases (NCGG-4) Science, Control, Policy and Implementation,. Utrecht, The Netherlands
| Program | Registration Form

5-6 September 2005
The Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists will arrange a seminar Manure – an agronomic and environmental challenge, Nils Holgerssongymnasiet, Skurup, Sweden
• Agronomic: Yield effects including long term effects, anaerobic processes and
treatments, nitrogen dynamics in the soil, application techniques, quality of fodder,
logistic costs, use of other wastes than manure.
• Environmental: Emissions of ammonia, greenhouse gasses and smell, aquatic losses (P
and N), modelling.
Information | Program | Registration | Seminar Secretariat | Plakat | Map

20 - 24 September 2005
*2nd Greenhouse Gases and Animal Agriculture* conference which will be held in Zurich, Switzerland, from 20 - 24 September 2005. The deadline for abstract submission to *March, 15, 2005*. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you in Zurich, Switzerland.Carla Soliva, Secretary General of the 2nd GGAA conference

11-12 November 2005
Slovenian Society for Anima and Environmental Hygiene will arrange a seminar » Animal and Environmental hygiene, safe food production with animal welfare«

| Program | Contact

September 23, 2004
Bioresource Technology, Volume 96, Issue 2, Pages 133-276 (January 2005)

Special issue: The 10th International Conference on Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture - Edited by J Martinez and M Pilar Bernal (Full Text Available)

October 6-9, 2004.
The last RAMIRAN conference was held in Murcia, Spain, and organised by Dr. M. Pilar Bernal, CSIC, Campus Universario De Espinardo Apartado. General Theme: Sustainable Organic Waste Management for Environmental Protection and Food Safety
Photo Gallery
last updated 20 december 2004)

Ramiran 2004

October 11 - 13, 2004
"In-between" Congress of International Society for Animal Hygiene ISAH Saint-Malo - FRANCE
Animal production in Europe : The way forward in a changing world
"in-between" congress of the International Society for Animal Hygiene (ISAH)

Spreading Organic Wastes

May 5-8, 2004.
5th Scientific Professional Meeting in Disinfections and Pest Control with international participation
Reliable Way to Healthy Animals, Humans and their Environment
Photo Gallery

Ramiran 2004

December 4, 2003.
EU project (QLK5-200-30020) classified as an Accompanying Measure to the Framework 5 research programme "Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources".

EU Project

November 19 - 21, 2003.

Bankok 2004

September 5, 2003.
The RAMIRAN network continues to provide an invaluable means of exchanging ideas, information and experiences on topics that are becoming increasingly important on a national and international basis. These exchanges are achieved mainly through the conferences, that take place every two years, and through the activities of the Working Groups.
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August 6, 2003.
Glossary of terms on livestock manure management 2003
Compiled and edited by: Brian Pain and Harald Menzi
This glossary was compiled and edited by Brian Pain, Creedy Associates, UK and Harald Menzi, Swiss College of Agriculture (SHL), Switzerland


March 7 2003.
Proceedings of the 10th Conference of the RAMIRAN Network
General Theme: Hygiene Safety
Strbske pleso, High Tatras, Slovak Republic
May 14-18, 2002
Abstract and Content | Cover | Online Order

Conference Tatry 2002

May 14 - 18 2002.
Thenth RAMIRAN conference was held in High Tatras in the Slovak Republic and organised by Dr. Jan Venglovsky of the University of Veterinary Medicine Kosice. The main theme of the conference was "Hygienic safety in organic waste management".

Conference Tatry 2002

Network Coordinators:
Harald Menzi
Tom Misselbrook


Ramiran 06 June 27 - 29, 2016
The 19th Nitrogen Workshop
will be held in Skara, Sweden

Ramiran 06 July 25 - 29, 2016
The 5th International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering 2016 (5ISEBE)
will be held in July 25-29, 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ramiran 06 August 10 - 12, 2016
LIVESTOCK WASTE 2016, Recent Advances in Pollution Control and Resource Recovery for the Livestock Sector, Galway, Ireland

Ramiran 06 2017
The XVIIIth ISAH Congress,
will be held in Mazatlan, Mexico

Ramiran 06 June 7 - 11, 2015
The XVIIth ISAH Congress,
will be held from 7 to 11 June in Kosice, Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Kosice, Slovak Republic.